Dry Cleaning or Laundry?  And Services to Make Your Life Easier!

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothing without using water and laundry soap. Actually, if you look at a drycleaning machine, it looks like a giant front loading washer.  However, instead of water, a solvent injected with specially designed soap and just a tiny bit of moisture is used to clean “dry clean only” clothing.  Oils, dust and small dirt particles are removed in the process.  Stains are treated prior to cleaning for most effective removal.   TLC Dry Cleaners in Lincoln, NE, has more than two decades of experience taking care of your special clothing, removing stains, and making your garments look like new, and we know which clothing items need special care. Here are some tips on best care practices for your clothing.

  1. Read the care labels on your clothing before throwing them in your washer!  And please do not remove those care labels from launder or dry clean only clothing!!
  2. For clothing that can be laundered at home, follow the care labels.  If an item says “cold wash”, it might mean that it could shrink or colors could fade in warm or hot water.  Wash warm should indicate that a fabric is likely pre-shrunk and able to tolerate warmer temperatures. “Line dry” indicates the possibility of shrinkage in a warm dryer.
  3. If a clothing item says “dry clean only”, bring it to TLC Dry Cleaners for cleaning.  “Dry clean only” items are made of fabrics that could shrink, fade, or lose their “handle” or “feel” if laundered.  Silks, velvets, rayons, wools and acetates are common “dry clean only” fabrics.
  4. Leathers need a special cleaning process.  If you take care in the wearing of your leather clothing item, you should not have to clean it frequently.  Unless it is a “washable leather”, a leather item generally does not tolerate water very well.  At TLC Dry Cleaners, we send all leathers to a specialty leather cleaner in Kansas City.
  5. If you have clothing that is stained, taking it to a dry cleaner might make a difference, IF you do not attempt to remove the stain yourself.  Unfortunately, we cannot always remove stains on which you have “tried everything in the book”; our special spotting chemicals work best when we’re the first to tackle the stain.  It also helps us to know what was spilled on your clothing ahead of time so that we know which chemicals will work best.
  6. If you are unable to get that good, crisp press on your ironing board at home, we also offer “press only” on slacks, blouses, and other garments that you have laundered at home.  This costs a little bit less for your clothing care while giving your clothing that professionally pressed look.
  7. Is a button coming loose or has one fallen off your clothing item?  Has the hem come out of your pant leg?   Has a seam come loose?  Do you need your new pants hemmed to a certain length?  Do you have patches to be sewn on?  We can do all of this and more.  Ask us about clothing repairs or alterations.  Some of these simple fixes we can do in-house and others we send to our professional seamstresses.
  8. Please don’t allow your pet(s) to sleep on your clothing!  Delinting a heavily “furred” clothing item adds to your cost of cleaning!
  9. If you are running out of time, especially during the holidays, and just need someone to do your laundry for you once or twice, or on a regular basis, TLC Dry Cleaners now offers “wash and fold” service for your sheets, towels, t-shirts, socks, jeans and other items that you normally wash and fold at home.
  10. And, if you simply do not have time to bring your clothes to TLC Dry Cleaners, we offer free pick-up and delivery in the Lincoln area!

For professional dry cleaning, pressing, repairs, simple alterations, or laundry services, contact us at TLC Dry Cleaners in Lincoln. Give us a call at (402) 423-5580 to schedule a dry cleaning pickup, or visit us online or on Facebook to learn more about our services.